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In the pursuit of enhancing global well-being within planetary limits, sustainable infrastructure research stands as a critical endeavour. Far beyond a mere physical construct, infrastructure serves as a nexus where production, asset stock, service needs, and investments converge. Key challenges, such as the low-carbon transition, climate adaptation, managing stranded assets, and navigating the growth dynamics of the Global South, further underscore the urgency of this research. Moreover, the extraction of global resources along the infrastructure supply chains and their consequential environmental impacts are intricately linked, transcending national boundaries. A nuanced, systematic understanding of these intricate dynamics are imperative for fostering a sustainable future. To address the demands of development while ensuring environmental stewardship, a comprehensive, economy-wide analysis becomes imperative.

This PhD vacancy, funded by the Leiden University Incentive Research Grant, invites candidates to unravel this intricate web of interactions, contributing to theoretical advancements and informing the ongoing dialogue surrounding sustainable infrastructure development. The candidate will develop methodologies capable of modeling the trajectory of global infrastructure development, guiding it toward a more sustainable and resilient future. The culmination of this research will involve an empirical exploration focusing on EU infrastructure investment needs and their environmental implications spanning the period from 2020 to 2050.

Key responsibilities and tasks:

  • Model Development: Advance the Input-Output Analysis (IOA) model ensuring its dynamic adaptability to capture evolving infrastructural dynamics.
  • Data Collection: Conduct rigorous data collection to operationalize the model..
  • Publishing Findings: Disseminate research outcomes in high-impact scientific journals, contributing to academic discourse on infrastructure dynamics and sustainability.
  • Proactive Research Initiatives: Take ownership by proactively identifying and executing research tasks that complement and expand the main agenda.
  • Outreach and Teaching: Engage in outreach to communicate findings to broader audiences, including industry stakeholders. Contribute to teaching responsibilities, sharing expertise and fostering the next generation of researchers.

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