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Project description

A substantial part of biodiversity is situated within private spheres of homes and this is also the biodiversity that most intimately affects humans: for example, backyard meadows can be essential for the survival of many insects in urban spaces, whereas insects in the kitchen are commonly considered as unwanted guests. Whereas urban ecology or urban planning usually considers larger spatial scales such as cities or neighborhoods, this project looks human and non-human relations in the institutional context and ecological scale of individual homes. This project considers multispecies homes in both ecological and social sense, thus the applicant should have a keen interest in both humans and more-than-humans in homes and especially in their relations. Similarly, there is an expectation that this project will map biodiversity within homes and also how it relates to humans and humans relate to it.

Do you want to understand the most intimate relations between humans and other species? We are looking for interdisciplinary minded PhD candidate who can work with humans and non-humans. The project allows for a developing specific approach suitable for the candidate’s background. PhD candidate will start the project by mapping out how Dutch homes are multispecies assemblages or communities and this will be followed up by choosing interesting and specific cases of multispecies relations, formulating research questions on them and finding and executing suitable research methods.

The PhD candidate will be supervised by Tuomas Aivelo, assistant professor of Biodiversity & Society within the Institute for Biology (IBL). Promotor and possible additional supervisors will be chosen depending on the focus of the work.

Key responsibilities

  • In this PhD, you will study the multispecies aspects of Dutch homes.
  • You will publish academic papers on your findings, present your work at academic conferences and partake in outreach.
  • You will build your own network and work in and on a new and interdisciplinary research field.
  • You will assist with student supervision and teaching and complete a PhD thesis in four years.

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