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CML is a project partner of the interdisciplinary EU Horizon project RESOURCE. The project assists, assesses and refines innovative real-world circular approaches by industry partners within the region of Aragon to steer their overall contribution. The consortium covers all required perspectives, such as government, business, industrial expertise and academic institutions. In a near future step CML will lead the overall socio-economic and environmental impact assessment of potential economic upscaling of promising circular practices.

We are looking for an open minded economic network analyst. Ideally you have experience with Input-Output analysis next to economic expertise. Furthermore you are already familiar with programming in Python or R.

The candidate will work on the project work-block ‘ Impact Assessment’. Within the research analysis insights from earlier conducted environmental impact assessments (LCA) will serve as a basis and be transferred to highly detailed economic network data, represented by latest Input-Output databases. This is done to assess an overall, reasonable impact predictions. A final application of price adjustments, taking price elasticities and substation effects into account are possible and desired.

The vacancy offers opportunities for personal growth, by taking the lead for our project part within a broader international consortium. We offer the possibility to take part in cutting-edge sustainability research, publish scientific papers, and to take part in education. Leiden University also offers a range of courses for personal development.

Key tasks
Key for the required position are:

  1. Assessing where and how circular practices will impact the structure of the Aragonite economy within a broader European setting.
  2. Refining the regional and industrial details of the underlying input-output datasets to the required level.
  3. Transferring insights from the environmental impact analysis (hotspot LCA) to economic networks and modify structures accordingly to come up with a circular counterfactual.
  4. Assessing the overall environmental and socio-economic impacts. Identifying key leverages and potential refinements.

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